May 14, 2016

The Thinking

Tony has over 30 years of professional experience, the last 10 years as a senior specialist in People and Organisation Development, a recognised field of academic theory and practice within the social sciences.

Tony is recognised as a thought leader in management and change. He has been published in the UK business press and writes a regular blog on this site.

His posts and articles range from contemporary areas such as strategy, change and performance management, through to more cutting edge areas such as complexity, emergence and the use of dialogue as an Organisation Development intervention.

Recent publications include:

  • OD Practitioners: Beware the Silver Bullet – HRZone, January 2017
  • Lost to the ages: The Future of HR – The HR Director, October 2016
  • Embracing the Shadow side of Organisation Life – HRZone, July 2016
  • What is Organisation Development? – The HR Director, May 2016

Contributions to UK Business Press include:

Tony is happy to take commissions for articles, blog posts or corporate communications channels such as intranets, magazines or conferences.

If you would like to speak to Tony about his services please call or email: +44 7949 273080