May 14, 2016


Tony has over 30 years of professional experience, the last 10 years as a senior specialist in People and Organisation Development, a recognised field of academic theory and practice within the social sciences.


Facilitating through “useful conversations” to enable reflection and change in teams, groups, whole organisations and communities.

Specialist areas of intervention:

  • Exploring purpose, strategic priorities and short to medium-term planning
  • Executive team effectiveness and decision making
  • Exploring leadership and developing leadership impact
  • Understanding and balancing management and leadership accountabilities
  • Tapping into the creative diversity in dysfunctional teams
  • Improving creativity, innovation and cross-function collaboration
  • Involving whole-organisations and wider communities in finding purpose, setting strategy and delivering change

Tony offers a presence that is considered, pragmatic and insightful. His extensive experience and breadth of knowledge across the field of People and Organisation Development means he can call upon tried and tested interventions to suit all types of clients and all contexts. No one-trick ponies here.

If you would like to speak to Tony about his services please call or email: +44 7949 273080