March 29, 2017


Tony has over 30 years of professional experience, the last 10 years as a senior specialist in People and Organisation Development, a recognised field of academic theory and practice within the social sciences.

Coaching through “useful conversations

Working with individuals and groups to explore patterns of thinking and ways of working.

Focus areas for conversations can include:

  • Clarifying thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Exploring alternative perspectives
  • Clearing a mind of clutter
  • Inquiring into current realities
  • Clarifying and achieving goals
  • Exploring values and belief systems
  • Developing self-awareness, confidence and efficacy
  • Developing presence
  • Bridging capability gaps
  • Advice, mentoring and holding up the mirror

Support mechanisms can include 360° feedback, psychometrics, assessments and other methods too numerous to mention. Each client is unique. It follows that each conversation is predictably unpredictable in where it might start, where it might end and how it might progress towards being truly useful.

If you would like to speak to Tony about his services please call or email: +44 7949 273080