May 13, 2016

About Tony

The Mix

Tony recognises that his whole self shows up when engaging with a client.

Who he is, what he knows and what he can do, all play a part in what he sees and what he shares.


Tony’s approach is to put himself forward as the primary instrument of change, not the models and concepts he might refer to along the way.

His values, a deep understanding of his field and his unique mix of experiences and skills, all combine to make him the practitioner he is.


Chief amongst Tony’s skills are seeing patterns in complexity, sensing the meaning making taking place in groups and the articulation of his thoughts.

As an instrument of change, his primary intervention tools are curiosity, questioning and facilitation.


Tony’s career is now 30+ years in the making. Gaining a 1st in Aeronautical Engineering, Tony soon realised that people, not planes were his passion.

In 2009, Tony was awarded an MSc in People and Organisation Development from Roffey Park, the internationally-renowned Leadership Institute.

The Other 25%

Tony lives with his wife Jane in the UK. Daughter Olivia recently graduated in Psychology from The University of Birmingham and Son James is working and living in Greece.

Favourite leisure activities include walking his Border Terriers, occasionally hitting a clay pigeon and watching Rugby Union.