My Strengths

IMG_2623For Organisation Development practitioners, a primary focus has got to be an attention to and ongoing development of, appropriate skills.

I don’t bring any machinery or magic tricks with me to a client’s situation. I am the principle instrument of change through being both catalyst for change and leader of change.

It is therefore very important that I know what I bring to the party. This helps me understand which projects will suit my unique set of strengths and, just as important, which will not.

Fundamentally, this insight into my strengths and their associated perspectives, allows for an ongoing sensitivity to any bias that might influence my sensing of the client’s circumstances. It also allows for an awareness of how the client’s system might also be influencing me and changing my practice.

So that you can gain a flavour of my strengths, I offer below a summary of the skills I have some confidence are at play in my practice. To compile these lists I have referred to psychometrics, feedback from clients and colleagues, and a little qualitative research.

This summary is offered in the hope it gives a more rounded view of the chap compiling this website and its associated blog. It also here to offer deeper insight to potential clients.

As much as I dislike pigeon-holing myself….for those familiar with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator¹, my tendency is to approach the world from an ENFP (Extroverted Intuition with Introverted Feeling) perspective.

Here is a summary of insights gained from various psychometrics, including Myers Briggs:

  • Strategic thinker, seeing patterns in complexity
  • An ability and desire to learn
  • Seeks out others’ strengths and develops talent
  • Articulates a motivational future vision
  • Confidence in own abilities and judgement
  • Innovative, pouring energy into new projects to get them under way
  • Intuitive
  • Stimulated by new people, ideas and experiences
  • Curious, creative and imaginative
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and spontaneous
  • Warm, friendly and caring
  • Cooperative and supportive

Feedback gained over the years has also produced its own list of observed strengths:

  • Helps reframe situations offering new perspectives
  • Calm in crisis, offering wisdom in adversity
  • Trustworthy
  • Demonstrates strong leadership
  • Empathic approach to development
  • Natural networker and influencer
  • Mature social skills
  • Knowledgeable, insightful, wise
  • Confident public speaker and capable facilitator

If anyone who knows me would like to challenge or add to these lists, please do drop me a note.


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