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Consulting to private and public sector organisations on strategy, complexity, culture, change, management, leadership and team effectiveness.


“Useful conversations” that enable reflection, goal clarification and achievement, capability enhancement, self-confidence and presence.


Facilitating “useful conversations” that enable reflection and change for teams, large groups, whole organisations and communities.


Sharing sought after thought leadership on management, change and the future of work through seminars, conferences and keynote speaking.

The Thinking

Thought Leadership in Management and Change

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A Selection of Published Articles and Quotes
Beware the silver bullets
It is good news that the field of OD is developing its thinking. However, as this thinking is packaged by those wanting to sell shiny new silver bullets, remember the warning “Caveat Emptor”, because packaged OD interventions can carry risks for the unwary.
The HRDirector
The HRDirector
The Future of HR
An over-reliance on best practice has contributed to a lack of faith in strategic HR…According to the CIPD…for want of anything better, the majority of Executive teams are signing off on people strategies that the overwhelming majority of their members don’t have any faith in.
Embracing the Shadow Side of Organisation Life
Corridor conversations, power struggles and personality clashes are realities of organisation life. Often referred to as the shadow side, these behaviours are perceived as wholly negative and unhelpful to organisation effectiveness. I challenge this ‘always bad’ perspective. In the shadow lies the real work of getting along with each other. It is where human beings relate to each other in ways that have been hard wired over millions of years of evolution. There is both the potential for good and bad in this shadow side.
the HRDirector
the HRDirector
What is Organisation Development?
Organisation Development (OD) is both misunderstood and woefully underused. It is worrying that so few organisations take the time to understand it better and tap into its resources given that a particular strength of the field is the navigation of complex change, something we are all facing at an unprecedented level.
The Guardian
The Guardian
Going for Growth How to Expand Your Business
As Tony Nicholls…points out, effective staff training and development is actually more about developing a learning culture than it is about carving out time and taking staff away from the coalface.
Global Recruiter
Global Recruiter
Developing Vital Skills
Your brand will live or die in the hands of those who speak directly with your clients every day. It stands to reason that you will want your team to have the very best interpersonal skills and for them to represent your brand as you would.
Adiona Magazine
Adiona Magazine
Supporting Managers in Toxic Cultures
Most of us have worked in or come across toxic cultures at some time in our career. Sometimes we find it in an isolated department, led by an autocratic boss. Sometimes the entire company is infected with a mantra of ‘step on or be stepped on’ which filters through the hierarchy and reaches every team along the way.
British Airways Performance Appraisal
Industrial action is nothing new to British Airways, Britain’s flagship airline. No surprise then when we hear of possible action over the introduction of a new performance appraisal system.
The Telegraph Business SME
The Telegraph Business SME
Retaining Key Talent
Organisational change expert Tony Nicholls, advises giving staff “stretch roles”. “Use strengths but in areas where they will need to learn new skills,” he says. Tasks might include exposing them to the executive team…Ask them to present an operational update or progress on a project”
The Times Raconteur
The Times Raconteur
Talent Management
“Adapting one’s style to suit those in front of you is a great strength,” he says, “However, if done badly, it can lead to a breakdown in communication and trust. Note that each individual may carry more than one [character] trait and polar-opposite traits can show up depending on context.”
The Times Raconteur
The Times Raconteur
Social Media & Communications Tools
Tony Nicholls, managing consultant at White Stone OD, says one advantage of this is it can bypass the reliance on middle managers, who often fail to cascade messages down the organisation.
ILM The Edge
ILM The Edge
Toxic work Environments
Tony Nicholls, a specialist in the field of organisational development says: “Space can be scheduled into team meetings and work shops to build in time for reflection, discussion and skills development. There is a plethora of materials freely available on the internet designed for short amounts of time. Simply starting a book club would be a good start.”

The Man

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts
The mix
  • approach

    Tony recognises his presence is the instrument of change, not the models and frameworks others might refer to. His whole self shows up when engaging with a client. Who he is, what he knows and what he can do, all play a part in what he sees, what he shares and what questions he asks.

  • skills

    Chief amongst Tony's skills are seeing patterns in complexity, sensing the meaning making taking place in groups and articulating his thoughts succinctly and with impact. As an instrument of change, his primary intervention tools are curiosity, questioning and facilitation.

  • Experience

    Tony's career is now 30+ years in the making. Gaining a 1st in Aeronautical Engineering, Tony soon realised that people, not planes were his passion. In 2009, Tony was awarded an MSc in People and Organisation Development from Roffey Park, the internationally-renowned Leadership Institute.

  • the other 25%

    Tony lives with his wife Jane in the UK. Daughter Olivia recently graduated in Psychology from The University of Birmingham and Son James is working and living in Liverpool. Favourite leisure activities include walking his Border Terriers and watching Rugby Union.

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